A bit more about the top KW producers who were nominated for awards.

Who are some of the best agents in Orlando? We recently attended the ORPYS, the Orlando Real Producer Awards, and we had several people up for awards, including myself! Today we’ll share a bit about some of the wonderful agents and brokers recognized at the event.

Murray Coleman is a wonderful broker, and he doesn’t just work for our office. He’s the broker for over 2,300 agents in the state of Florida. Talk about a tough job! However, Murray does it all with grace, style, and wonderful British humor. We could not succeed without him in the background.

Mark Ramey, one of our top producers, was up for the professionalism award. Whether he wins or not, it will never change who he is—we had to convince him to come to the stage! There’s no more generous soul in the real estate world than Mark Ramey.

“I was humbled to be in that space.”

Xiomara Pratts is an upcoming, smart, and dynamic producer. She helps us lead our young professionals network and serves on the agent leadership council. She’s well-respected by her peers, and her production and professionalism have qualified her for the 35 Under 35 award. 

John Michael Cunningham has been in the business for over 10 years! Despite being in the business that long, he’s still up for the 35 Under 35 award. He’s an amazing individual who raised his young sisters after the tragic death of his mother. He celebrates himself so little that it was great to see him walk on stage. 

I was also honored and humbled to be nominated for my leadership. I’m not in production anymore—I’m here to help people build better businesses. I’ve touched so many people’s lives, even those outside of KW. There were a ton of great people there, and I was humbled to be a part of them. 

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