Four revelations I had speaking on the Orlando Real Producers panel.

I was honored to be on an Orlando Real Producers panel recently, and had several insightful revelations. Today I’ll share a few of those with you.

1. Database. If you are not talking to the people who already know, love, and trust you, you are missing out. I think we have been getting caught up in the frenzy of answering phones and doing our best to chase leads that we’ve neglected the people we know. From now on, we should return to our databases and look for business there.

2. Numbers. One panelist said when she goes into listing appointments, she’ll pull the local numbers and count on seeing an increased number of days on market, for example. Then she is prepared to have that conversation with the seller, which will set Realthem up to expect selling their home to take longer. 

“The face of real estate has changed.”

3. Heart. Another panelist talked about how she is very “heart-forward” with her business. There were things she didn’t want to do but decided to do anyway because it helped serve her clients at the highest level. She had to learn skills she didn’t want to so she could walk into appointments and give her clients the best service possible.

4. Diversity. This business has undergone a dramatic shift as of late. Not only have lending practices changed, but the look of our city has, too. If you are not seeing people of all different backgrounds and identities in your sphere of influence, you need to get them into the room. 

The face of real estate has shifted. The biggest population of buyers in the next few years will be Spanish-speaking families and single women. Look around to see if you’re in business with the right people and if your team reflects the diversity of your community.

I’ll have more tips and tricks for you in our next video, but in the meantime, feel free to call or email me if you have any questions. I’d love to hear from you.